Music Production Course

This course is designed to teach you how to make music the correct way. With our highly skilled instructors you will gain all the knowledge needed to kick start your production career. This course is perfect for beginners, even if you know your way around a DAW you can benefit from learning new techniques from our experienced professionals.


Week One:

  • Basics of a DAW ( digital audio workstation )
  • Basic song structure (time signatures, arrangement, etc)
  • How to choose samples and WHY those samples are chosen
  • Music theory (minimal)


Week Two:

  • LEVELING (how to use levels to get a basic mix BEFORE adding EQ and compression etc)
  • How to manipulate VST presets (sound design)
  • The importance of EQ and compression
  • Understanding the main aspects of a groove
  • How to build drum grooves
  • Chord progressions


Week Three:

  • Composing techniques for electronic music production
  • Layering sounds / samples
  • The importance of mixing and mastering
  • Midi note editing
  • Automation


Week Four:

  • How to use compression ( different types of compression, PEAK / RMS etc )
  • Basics of gain staging and WHY it is important
  • How to use Send and Returns ( signal flow )
  • How to use EQ and compression and WHEN to use it
  • Exporting CORRECTLY if projects need to be sent to a mixing engineer or mastering engineer


What you will need:

  • Laptop
  • Book
  • Pen


Duration: 4 Weeks

Price: R4 999